Cedar Cove Farm


We are simple people, living simply. Cedar Cove consists of the four of us, mom and dad and two girls, on a small piece of land making a homestead out of it. Our goal is to provide whole, real food for ourselves and to pass on some of the surplus from time to time.

We are a local Fertrell dealer and we provide natural and organic fertilizers, soil supplements and animal feed supplements. We use Fertrell ourselves, in our garden and for our livestock. No additives or preservatives, as the saying goes.

We use raised bed gardens and employ the square foot gardening method devleoped by Mel Bartholemew. We like our food to be natural without chemicals or antibiotics. We follow the Lord, Jesus Christ and take seriously our stewardship of what He has provided.

We raise pastured poultry and meat rabbits, both on an availability basis. Our family has many interests, some of which you may see for sale from time to time. Thanks for stopping by.

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