Lazy Ox Farm


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We are a small family farm located in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. We have been growing and selling sustainably raised plants and veggies for more than 14 years, first in northern Idaho and for the last 5 years in southern Missouri. Besides raising plants, seeds, and veggies for you, we grow most of our own food in a very large garden. We also raise chickens, pigs, and Jersey milk cows. Recently we have been experimenting with raising grain for our animals and ourselves. We freeze, can, dry, pickle, cure, smoke, and whatever else we can figure out to preserve our farm’s bounty.

Most of our seeds are heirloom varieties. All of our seeds are open polinated, which means that you can save seeds and next year’s plants will grow true to type. Our seeds are produced by us right here on our farm in accordance with accepted commercial seed production standards and isolation distances, and we are licensed to sell our own seed by the State of Missouri (License #149045.) We germination test all of our seeds and exceed the Federal minimum germination standards guidelines. Germination test results are posted with each seed description. We gaurantee our seed to be vigorous and grow true to type. Our seeds are produced in healthy soil using sustainable methods

Our plants are produced by us in our own greenhouse using our own organic soil mix. We are an inspected and licensed nursery by the State of Missouri (License #1931). We use only organic products in the growing and maintaining of our plants.

Although we are not certified organic, we do grow using only organic methods because we believe in it. On our farm we use mostly on-farm soil amendments (composted manure from our animal friends), cover crops, and occasionally purchased alfalfa hay pellets and minerals to keep our soil fertile. There are no GMO’s in any of our products and our seeds are untreated.

Taste, beauty, health, fun, and responsibility are what our products are all about.

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